19 April 2012

Battling with the system for Esperantists

It is not easy to be an international body. Take Esperanto world body for example. It has to overcome many problems posted by the rules and regulations of the commercial world.

To be the member of the UEA, the annual membership fee is only 12 Euro dollars. However, to us, in Malaysia, I cannot speak for others, the bank commission of a cheque or bankdraft is 25 Euro dollars.

Can you imagine the cost of the bank commission is suffice to be a two year membership fees. Who would be willing to pay that for the membership ?

Now, UEA has to come out with a better system to recruit membership. If not because I am going to Vietnam for the 97th UK, I would not be able to know the external cost of the membership application.

I wrote about how the local Esperanto association can work hand in hand with the UEA in the post blog post. You have to search for it.

It is not possible for the low income people, like me to be a member of UEA, the 25 Euro commission for the bank is suffice for me in a week meal. No wonder I read somewhere online that Esperanto is the elite language.

Did UEA support KAEM ? If yes, why not pay to KAEM in Asia and cost less for the Asian applicants ? It is what KAEM can deduct the cost from UEA by the end of the year. By doing so, KAEM would work harder to recruit the members.

Many Esperantists are from Europe and advanced countries even in Asia too, like Japan and Korea and not to mention Singapore in ASEAN. Thus, they don't think it is hard for the people to learn Esperanto.

I again would like to stress that Esperanto is most needed by the poor who can not afford of years of learning in schools. It is not an elite language neither the rich people.

How you would suggest to your association of Esperanto ?

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