18 March 2012

Why not involve the hostels in Esperanto congress

Just booked the tickets, to and fro, from the low cost airlines.

The next item to do is looking for cheap lodging. I do not know how much the cost would be in the 97th UK in Hanoi, certainly, it would not be cheap as the five-star hotel.

Searching for hostel and international youth hostel, as a member of IYHA, most of the time I stay with the IYHA logo hostel. I am rest assured of the facilities and service.

However, I just wonder, the organising committee of 97th Universala Esperanto Kongreso also involves the hostels to be a part of this grand occasion.

I remembered I wrote a post long ago about involving all sectors to be a part of the UK occasion. From the taxi drivers to the major town shopkeepers able to know and speak Esperanto.

But I doubt it.

I don't think the organiser of this event would also get the hotel staff, that the participants who are going to stay, able to speak Esperanto.

I planned to be in Vietnam for about a month. As an unemployed person, I certainly unable to foot the high cost bill of lodging in US dollars. To the most, the hostel dorm.

Well, I got this one. If you have better ones, do share with me.

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