20 March 2012

Which version to use ?

The Econimist mag has this to vote. Which is the best language to learn ?

This prompted me to say something which is already in my mind for a long time.

Which version of English that I must learn ?

Which version of Spanish I must learn ?

Which version of Portuguese I must learn ?

From the spell-checker, we can see the Singapore English, America, British etc

Now, my question is, I spend years of learning the above languages and I have to relearn it when if I go to Brazil, Mexico, America and the English just as well, they have to relearn it when they are in Malaysia.

Would that be a good choice to learn these variant languages ?

The second question is the South American countries are still using the colonial languages even they have gained independence for a long time.

One of the Esperanto speaker from that part of the world told me that they have too many kinds of blood in their body and they don't know which to use, thus, maintain the colonial language.

I was a little sad though, isn't this is the best time to use Esperanto since there is hard to trace the fore fathers. Besides, if the colonial languages are less being used, the UN would probably discard all these languages.

Certainly, I can only speak from my part of the world, ASEAN, we ,in this SEA countries don't use the colonial languages anymore after gaining independence. It is only Singapore making English as a first language and other languages like  Malay, Chinese, Tamil are also legal in the official term. The national language of Singapore is Malay.

At least, less is being seen on the data of national language that many countries are still using English, for example.

Well, this would have to let the natonalist to contest for it and of course, Esperanto speakers should be backing it up.

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