30 March 2012

Esperanto hobby groups

I am having hard time to convience my friends to learn Esperanto. Even I show them the vital of billingual kids in future, they still do not touch by my words because:

1. they don't read English
2. they are still singles

Well, I knew that they are not keen to do for their future generations as they are singles. They still think that as far as language learning, it is the job of the teachers in the schools.

But, they have forgotten that 1-5 years old, the children are still at the parents or the caretakers laps and sides. Of course, most of the parents are irresponsible nowadays, in my country, of course of talking about.

These youngsters would be more interesting if there are more hobby groups. Of course, I know they are in the photographic society, swimming clubs etc. Now in the facebook, we have few hobby groups in Esperanto, it is still far less than the clubs that we have in the daily life society.

My Esperanto, of course, is malbona, however, the worst of of it, is that I could not access to internet daily and the speed of internet is running at the GPRS.  Do you think I can do much of it ? Nope, the cost of internet in my country, Malaysia is very expensive.

Thus, just hope some good souls can do something by creating more hobby groups so that i could add them in the groups.

Thanks you very much. Dankegon pro via helpon.

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