03 January 2012

Nobel Peace Prize for Esperanto

Sometimes back, I looked at the Nobel Prize with great admiration. Unfortunately, time tells me, I was too naïve in the political world.
How the committee of this world renowned choose the candidates, it is very tricky. If you look at the list of the peace prize winners, you would realise that not all of them are in the way to achieve world peace or help to eliminate the sufferings of the poor.

I was watching this short film and suddenly, sadness rose and I was questioning why Obama did not liberate the sufferings of the people by introducing Esperanto in United States of America.

My friends said I was too naïve , yes, I admitted it.

But the criteria of selecting a peace prize winner in the committee earn more criticisim than thumbs up. You can see the assocaitions can be selected too like International Red Cross has received it for 3 times and even International Labour Organisation. Thus, this give me another view of the Nobel prize. Would be just another glittering star season like Oscar ?

Isn't Esperanto qualified for such criteria ? Esperanto can help countries to save the money by learning foreign languages. Besides, for the regional organisations like ASEAN and international organisations like United Nations etc to save tons of money in translation and delayed translation which would be very unfair to the poor countries.

There were times of nomination of Esperanto to receive Peace prize via Universala Esperanto Asocio (UEA) but it is not even able to come to the final round. Are the committee members afraid of the superpower countries? I am certain that besides USA, other superpower countries would not mind to use Esperanto in the United Nations.

Power, struggle and struggling is part of the Esperantists to get the world a fairer place for the future generations.

I read PR is vital to get the Prize. Thus, what PR strategies would be employed in the coming years ?

Sigh !

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