05 January 2012

Esperantistaj volonuloj

My friends ask me a question which I could not answer. Perhaps, those involve in promoting the usage Esperanto language would have more information.

The question goes like this:

“Does your Esperantists organise volunteering work ? If so, many people should have known about it. Look at many world volunteering organisations. Just place the flag there, people would start to wonder what it is and the corporating with the local Esperanto Association, the local media would also report it and thus, the promotion of the language is widely reach.”

I did not know about the work of Esperantists. I am a newbee in the world of the Green Star.

From there, I would like to add another suggestion.

With the Esperanto volunteering projects, more youngsters would be involved and provide an opportunity for them to know the world and furthermore, what life is.

But alas, Esperantists would say again we do not have that money to do so. But I read few report that some Esperantists went as volunteers but not under the flag of Green Star.

I fully agreed with my friends. If Esperantists do not take Esperanto as a tribe, just a language, it would NOT go very fast and thus far too.

What volunteering work that Esperanto Association can start off might be helping the local people and thus international.

Don't you think this can be done in the shortest time possible and let the Green Star flag flying ?

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