02 July 2017

Your excellent English may not save your life.

The United Nations World Tourism Organisation ( UNWTO) passed the declaration in 1980 to call the torusim industry to use Esperanto but now the tragedy happened.

The ridiculous thing is non native speakers of English rushing in to condemn the bad English of the instructor, example the judge of the case. What a big joke that the non native speakers of English would think their English is as good as the native speakers of English.

1980 Manila Declaration by UNWTO clearly calling the tourism industry to use Esperanto. Now the biggest responsibility is on the Ministry of Toursim. They should immediately set up an Esperanto page in their tourism info page.

Don't blame the instructor for his bad English. As a non native speaker, he would not be able to improve his English as good as the native speaker of English.

Now, if you want to save more lives from perishing because of bad English language, petition the government especially the international tourism board to use Esperanto.

Of course, the NGOs in the world do have to shoulder the blame as UNESCO 1985 resolution clearly calling the NGOs to use Esperanto but they ignored it till today, and a life is lost.

Bungee instructor's 'poor English' led teenager to jump without rope: Reports

The appeal judge added that the instructor's level of English was not sufficient to be guiding foreigners in "something as delicate as jumping into the void from an elevated point", The Telegraph reported.


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