30 July 2017

Comment : ASEAN needs Esperanto as the communal language.

Esperanto has being recommended by UNESCO and UNWTO for decades.

Unfortunately, the politicians are disrespecting the resolutions of UNESCO and UNWTO.

ASEAN needs Esperanto to unite the people.

Learning Esperanto needs less than 200 hours, how much money each country can save for using Esperanto as the common language. The young school children are free from learning English for years and cannot be able to command the language.

Esperanto gives the children in each country to pursuit their passion of love in life for example, practising musical instruments, dancing, singing, painting etc.

In this internet age, just a click of the button, we can find many free learning sites. One here to recommend is the Learning Esperanto in 12 Days. Try it.


Not only online, but also can download the  Esperanto in 12 days app from Google play store. It can be learnt offline too. More than 18 languages are available now.

ASEAN identity is a free and equal community. Linguistically equals and free from burden of language economy, time of learning the language, help to save the cost of learning a foreign language, Esperanto is just that good one.


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