25 September 2016

Esperanto is not europan eccentri

Time and again, I have said, that Esperanto is not European eccentric unless you know more than 100 languages in the world.

Again, those languages must be a major one, once upon a time.

Now, look, here is another two example. One is from Thai language, fajr, in thai it is also called faj, of course, it is written in different symbol, but the sound is the same.

The next word is teo, tea in English, but if you take the root word of teo, without O, it becomes te, and that is the same as min nan hua te 茶。

Do not make yourself a fool to argue that Esperanto is European eccentric. If you do not like Esperanto, choose the language you like, it can be the meow or the woof language as you like.

It might be in your languages if you are not from European. Blindly follow the data in wikipedia is a risk.

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