06 September 2016

Comment: Ghana to change English as medium of instruction

Good leaders are the best to see to the change.

More than 500 comments in this issue on the original report.

How Africa countries can get the people more educated and know the world in this internet age for not discriminating the albino in that continent is perhaps, Esperanto is the best choice to open their minds.

Learning Esperanto needs less than 200 hours and this would help to save lots of money for international language learning. Why UNESCO and UNWTO recommended it ?

With Esperanto as the second language in each country, and it helps to save a lot of money in the economy, the cost of production will also be cutting down as there is no need to do lots of translations in the manuals.

Try it for 12 days and you will see why Esperanto should be international language.


What is your comment of the language after two weeks ?



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