18 July 2016

Comment:Jakarta to tighten entry requirements for workers to M’sia

Indonesia, you do not have to tighten the requirement just with one step that you do and free the Indonesians from slaving overseas.

Indonesia stopped teaching English in the primary schools was a good move. However, it would not liberalise the people from unemployment.

If Indonesia government can think wisely and begin a new step. It is not only save the Indonesians but also other Asean countries too. That wise step is teaching Esperanto in the primary schools.

Though Hungary is placing Esperanto as the optional subject for the pupils to choose from, Indonesia can do the same if the teaching resources are less at the moment. Indonesia Esperanto Association just formed not too long ago, but Esperanto history in Indonesia is not new.

Now, with the help of technology, especially the internet, one can learn Esperanto anywhere as long as there is an internet connection.


Try the 12 days basic course, with the website above,  to see how easy Esperanto is. This would liberalise your people and of course, others too.

Indonesia already has the Esperanto association. They can help even better locally.


Exporting your maids overseas would not solve the problem.

Jusuf said, previously many Indonesians had gone to Saudi Arabia and Malaysia to get jobs as maids because the salary was five times higher than in Indonesia, but nowadays the current salary for maids in Indonesia has risen up to Rp2 million (about RM630). https://www.malaysiakini.com/news/317719

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