06 April 2015

A good lesson for Malaysians and Chinese

The Malaysians are shy to speak English.

There came the rescue, a group of 'wise' English speaking Malaysians said, " Don't worry, just speak, even it is wrong.'

Well, this is the good lesson.

Why give the bullets for the people to laugh at you. Not only the president of this country, but also the webiste in America, is making fun of it.

The site has the most from China. Thus, the Chinese in China still do not realise Esperanto is much easier to learn. China is not colonised by British, why make English a compulsory for the schools.

Malaysians, are you awaken now ? Why not learn Esperanto, less than 200 hours, you are able to contact the people in more than 150 countries.

Esperanto does not call for the accent of the language. You can speak with your native tongue accent but certainly not other languages. The leader of that Malaysia group must be watching too many Bollywood movies.


The free learning site is in national language.


Wish you good luck for not having this problem in your life if you insist on English is the global language.

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