24 May 2017

Comment:English in ASEAN: Implications for Regional Multilingualism

English language is not suitable for the ASEAN region.

With thousands of languages in ASEAN region, learning English language is a economy burden, especially for the low income families.

The ASEAN Community should use Esperanto, which is recommended by UNESCO and UNWTO since 1954. In fact, the former UN accepted Esperanto as an official language in the League of Nations but was hindered by France.

It is endless language problem and grapping of language rights.

Learnin Esperanto needs less than 200 hours, however, learning English language needs more tha  3000 hours.

From the economy point of view, many countries in ASEAN region are still poor countries. Esperanto can help to speed up the economy growth.

Do not believe in the so called professional data,

Esperanto is the best business language. The research was done by French Commerce Association 9 decades ago.


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