03 March 2017

Be a volunteer in Cambodia. learn Esperanto

Esperanto torusim in Cambodia

Read No 4.

If you want to volunter in Cambodia, learn Esperanto and you can help much better. Esperanto is recommended by UNESCO and UNWTO as the international language.

With Esperanto, join the Esperanto volunteering group and help the people better.

The Esperanto volunteer site http://belavivo.blogspot.com/

Not much of people in Cambodia speak English,it is a false information English is international language. Cambodia was colonised by France and most of the people in the past spoke French before the internal war.

If you really like to help the Cambodians, use the Esperanto tour service to provide them more job opportunities  https://etk-amiko.blogspot.com

Learn Esperanto in 12 days and off you can go to Cambodia. Free site and you can download the app and learn Esperanto in 12 days withou connecting to internet http://learn.esperanto.com

Check out more of Esperanto activities in Facebook

4. And understand that by volunteering in Cambodia, you may doing more harm than good.

When volunteering at any organization, consider whether the resources required to train you are better spent directly on the people in need. The infrastructure to make westerners comfortable — a western toilet, a website, advance scheduling and communication, an English-speaking resource person, signage in English, air conditioning or fans, availability of drinks and lunch — are costly. While a few jobs are created for people who speak English, when you volunteer you could be taking away work that local people could do for a living wage.
Also, volunteer only if you have considerable time to give and/or a specialized skill. If you’re stay is short, you should especially avoid volunteering with kids. Kids don’t need tourists who drop in for a day or two and only know how to say “hello” and “thank you” in Khmer. They need long-term relationships with trained caregivers and teachers.


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