14 January 2017


Esperanto is the best lingua franca for Asean Community.

60 years ago, UNESCO called for the teaching of Esperanto in all member countries. However, most of the countries nowadays were colonised by a few countries in the world.

30 years ago, the UNWTO Manila Declaration called for the use of Esperanto in the tourism industries for effective human resource management.

To this date, abovementioned resolution and declaration were falling into the deaf ears of the politicians.

Now, there are also selfish politicians thinking of using one nation language to colonise other countries.

Well, look here. Asean countries should not have the colonial colour, we should be more equal to one another in terms of language communication. If Indonesia complains that America and British do not have to learn the foreign language, they can travel the world. What about the Indonesias do not have to learn other foreign languages and they can travel the ten ASEAN countries.

It is only fair for all to respect the resolution of UNESCO and declaration of UNWTO to use Esperanto. Esperanto can be learnt within a six months period. Many websites, like DUOLINGO are providing free Esperanto courses. I would like to recommend the 12 days course for the beginner. Everyone can download the apps and learn it without the need to connect to internet.


I certainly, as a Malaysian, agree that ASEAN should not use English as the common language, neither it should use any languages from the ASEAN countries. We should Esperanto as the common language in ASEAN for :

1. economy of language

2. fair and equal

3. good business language as researched by the French Commerce Association 9 decades ago.

( A good reminder to those who strongly propose the use of Indonesia language, the karma will come back in decades. When the research of French Commerce Association were proposed to the French government, it was turned down as the French language was strongly used as there were many colonies. Look ! How French was taken over by English language, another colonial  master. To avoid all these unhappy incidents for the future generations, all should support the use of Esperanto.)

4. let future generations live happily without the feeling of revenge.

Take a look of this short film

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