24 May 2016

Comment: English Remains ASEAN’s Best Policy

read, how many percents of people in the world use English, the data is a little old

Esperanto is the best language for ASEAN, especially ASEAN community.

The western media always like to boost their mother tongue to be the best espeically those from America.

If they cannot succeed, they would threaten with business and economy.

My dear Asean friends, it is time for us to think, who we are and why we are all the time under the notion that English is the best language, but in fact, the best business language is Esperanto.

Read more at Malaysia Esperanto Studies Group.


Don't be fool by these one sided opinion. Now ask

1. why Americans do not have to learn the ASEAN languages

2. are we the masters of these lands in ASEAN

We have to learn English years after years, but the Americans, British, Australians do not have to learn other foreign languages, it is fair ?

We should and must use Esperanto as our common language.

Esperanto is recommended by UNESCO and United Naitons World Toursim Organisation (UNWTO) You can download the Resolutions of 1985 about the calling of NGOs to use Esperanto at the UNESCO official website http://www.unesco.org

We must wake up now and stop using the colonial language, English.

Learning English needs more than 3200 hours but learning Esperanto needs less than 200 hours, try the basic course in 12 days. http://learn.esperanto.com in many languages


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