06 May 2016

150 hours of Esperanto vs a 40 icon T-shirt

My friends said that that was a bright idea, but I held contrary to their views.

If 40 icons can represent almost entire speech in the communication, we just need to learn 40 sentences.

Besides, how would the T-shirt icon telling the blind ?

When you agreed to that and you travel the world, you need how many dozens of those T shirts ? You do not dirty the shirt and need a change ?

Besides, the lady would have more problems when pointing to the breast and this might make the wrong information.  Ladies, would you like to take the risk ?


More than 60 years ago, UNESCO recommended Esperanto but it was not respected by almost all the member countries. The UNWTO made a declaration 35 years ago to the tourism industry to use Esperanto but again, it was ignored. Only Cambodia has the Esperanto tourism group in the ASEAN region and a handful in other places in the world

If you want to invite misunderstanding by using these icons, go ahead. A wise person would not take that risk.

If you want travel round the world easy without communication problem, promote Esperanto. You need less than 150 hours of learning Esperanto.

Try the basic course online or on your mobile phone in various languages.


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