04 April 2016

Comment:Will English Unite ASEAN Markets?

The use of English is in the decline. More than 80% of people in the world do not speak English

Esperanto is the best language to unite ASEAN markets.

English is not that easy to learn. It only favours certain people, especially the rich people. They have the time to learn the language.

UNESCO and UNWTO support the use of Esperanto.

ASEAN should use Esperanto as the common language across all levels, including the AEC.

Esperanto is the best business language. French business sector did the research but did not take foot because the French government thought that French will forever strong but alas, they did not know the English took over its place and now English is declining in the world too.

Read more reseach at Malaysia Esperanto Studies Group.


English is the official business language in the AEC, across all industries. But despite the fact that some of the member countries are former British colonies and will have less trouble communicating in English, the use of a single language is not so straightforward. For one thing, language is very strongly linked to each country’s cultural identity. When a patent office wants to investigate filing details, it will most likely do so in the local language. And while the entire patent process will be in English, many countries will translate the patent into their local language once the process is completed. Currently, of AEC member countries, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam require local translation of patent specifications. A unified system will ultimately eliminate some of the bureaucracy and inefficiency in the current system, and reduce translation costs, but there will continue to be some individual differences.

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