01 October 2016

NGOs, wake up to respect UNESCO resolution 1985

When you are the president of non-government organisation, or so called NGO, do read this piece of work. Perhaps, the members of the NGOs too.

UNESCO should not be the unfamiliar name for NGOs. They times and again are using the resolution of UNESCO and of course UN to condemn their respective governements for not respecting the UNESCO or UN resolutions.

On the other hand, they just ignore what UNESCO suggested to them in 1985 resolution to use Esperanto. They are tireless to use English language in their texts. Do they search the net for how many people are using English language now?

There is this NGO called the WFUNA, World Federation of United Nations Association which was the first NGO to recognised Esperanto and passed resolution in supporting the use of Esperanto, but alas, until now, their official website is still not appearing Esperanto, at least one version of it is Esperanto.

Are the NGOs feeling ashamed when they use Esperanto ? Perhaps, yes, the inferior feeling presidents.

Think and ask why UNESCO twice passed the resolutions to recommend the use of Esperanto ?

Oh, ya, most NGOs are controlled by the rich people, they talk but not walk what they should do.

What is the role of UNESCO ? Think and ask your friends again.

How easy to learn Esperanto ? Yes, 12 days for the basic. Here you can try it.


The NGO list.


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