16 April 2016

Comment:Thais' poor English could dim job prospects in Asean common market

All the nonsense !

English is not the best business language according to the French Commerce Association research nine decades ago, Esperanto is the best business language. Read the research report at Malaysia Esperanto Studies Group.

ASEAN should use Esperanto for several reasons:

1. Non of the national languages in ASEAN countries is using English.

2. Esperanto needs less than 200 hours to learn. But English needs more than 3000 hours to learn. Learning of English language takes years and years but learning Esperanto takes only months,less than a year to be exact.

3. Online courses of Esperanto are abundance, the ASEAN contries do not need to employ lots of teachers to teach Esperanto.

Try this learn Esperanto in 12 days


Hotel guests are foreigners, it does not mean all guests speak good English.

Do not fool the people, now it is internet age, just a search online, we know that more than 80% people in the world do not speak a word of English.

Come together, the people of ASEAN, let us learn Esperanto and get English out of ASEAN.


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